Understanding Customs and Courtesies

While CAP may not be part of the military’s many direct national defense services, we still conduct the same traditions of military customs and courtesies.

One may ask, “What does that mean?”

Customs and Courtesies corresponds with the Civil Air Patrol Core Value of Respect. As representatives of Civil Air Patrol, and in part the Air Force, it is only right that members properly respect traditions, higher ranking personnel, and people in general.

In the whole umbrella of customs and courtesies, there are numerous things that fall under it that we as members must follow and show proper respect to. For example, in Civil Air Patrol, cadets are required to respect the flag of the United States by saluting it if it is being raised or lowered on a flag pole; respectively in the morning or evening, and if in uniform.

In truth, there are very many things to understand about customs and courtesies. For our members, it is this knowledge and respect that defines them as the most upstanding people in their communities. While it may seem intimidating at first for new members to grasp the specific regulations CAP mandates for customs and courtesies, the ability for them to display themselves respectfully distinguish them in the community.